If you manage benefit programs for members or employees, what’s keeping you up at night?

We’d love for you to tell us in this 3-minute survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AskMurray


Because Happify Health will soon be launching a weekly Q&A session with Dr. Murray Zucker, Chief Medical Officer at Happify Health.

We’re calling the show “Tuesdays with Murray.”Frame 32

Yes, we're ripping off a clever name, but Dr. Zucker’s experience at Happify Health and elsewhere also makes him uniquely positioned to answer some of the most pressing mental health questions facing senior leaders in business and government as we emerge from a global pandemic.

Consider that Happify Health is a global healthcare platform available in 10 languages that combines digital therapeutics and care delivery to improve total health. The breadth of our deployments and the depth of our applications supports more than 10 chronic health conditions, and covers more than 20 million lives.

As for Dr. Zucker himself, he has 20+ years of executive leadership experience consulting with health plans, managed care firms, hospital systems, provider and pharmacy groups, and other Fortune 500 companies.

With all of this experience and exposure, it’s fair to say, Dr. Zucker has seen it all.

Dr. Zucker also happens to be a bit of a celebrity. He’s appeared in dozens of TV, radio, and digital media outlets, like the Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the L.A. Times, and People Magazine.

Dr. Zucker’s combination of personality, bedside manner, and deep subject-matter expertise enable him to deliver focused, actionable answers to some of today’s biggest problems facing leaders who work with Member and Employee Benefit Programs.

We hope you’ll complete the survey before June 15, and tune in to see if the Doctor can help you too!

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